​Icy glaciers, ships on the high seas, tropical islands and impenetrable forests await you

​The adventures push you to the limits

​As paperback or e-book

​Do you prefer reading classic books or digital e-books on your cell phone or reader? Take your pick, the choice is yours!

​The secret of how you can read many of the books for free

​As e-book soon directly for download
To make it easy for you to dive into the world of Vissalya, I'm giving you some books as e-books:

Jordan: The adventure of Jordan you can soon download directly.
Olivia: You'll get Olivia's book as a gift when you sign up for the Vissalya quests for free.
Fjodor: This e-book will be released soon for free on Amazon and in the Vissalya Quest.
Charly: You will get the bonus chapters of Charly if you join a quiz. Attention: The last and most important chapter of Season 1 is included here!

​Find out how a young princess lives